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Frequently losing concentration and having a bad memory? Improve your memory and get rid of the “goldfish brain”.

With increasing age, many people have to face aging problems such as physical function deterioration, memory decline, immunity decline, and skin relaxation. In addition, the COVID-19 epidemic has been raging for nearly three years, and many confirmed patients still have “Long COVID” sequelae after recovery, including the most common brain fog phenomenon (Brain Fog).

The core symptoms of “Brain Fog”

The brain fog phenomena not only have single abnormal expressions, but may also be combined with dysregulation in many aspects, such as focusing, memory, and thinking and understanding. The problems expressed are not all the same, but often occur together.

When brain fog occurs, many people will lose their original concentration, and work and life cannot focus on their spirits. What can be done in a short time may now take a long time; memory begins to decline, and life matters will be forgotten as soon as they turn their heads, even important things start to be lost; thinking and understanding will also follow.

To ultimately improve the problem, start with diet, avoid excessive alcohol and caffeine intake, increase protein, fruit and vegetables, and healthy fat intake, as well as take NMN products, which can help activate cells and improve mental and memory.