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How to deal with long-term insomnia and light sleep?

One third of people’s life is spent in sleep, which is an essential part of health.

After a busy day, finally you can rest in bed, but you can’t fall asleep? Stress, anxiety, poor sleep habits, jet lag, aging, etc. can all cause insomnia. According to the World Health Organization, the global prevalence of sleep disorders is 27%, and the prevalence of adult insomnia is as high as 38.2%. In addition, more than 60% of children and adolescents do not get enough sleep (less than 8 hours), which is lower than the healthy sleep time.

Sleep problems in young people

Young people are in the period of laying the foundation for life health. With the enrichment of nightlife, such as playing with mobile phones and games, young people’s night time has been gradually occupied, and it is easy to have irregular work and rest. If not controlled, the body will continuously strengthen its recognition of this abnormal rule, so that every night, the body is in a relatively active state, even more difficult to fall asleep.

Sleep problems in middle-aged and elderly people

Sleep problems are not only in young people, but also in middle-aged and elderly people, more of which are caused by physiological changes. With age, the number of nerve cells is also changing, which is directly related to sleep quality. At the same time, the heavy burden of life stress also makes it difficult to fall asleep. As the age increases, the sleep quality gets worse.

Long-term sleep deprivation can have serious effects on both mental and physical health:

  • It can cause emotional instability, reduced immunity, and thus lead to various illnesses;
  • It can cause hormonal imbalances and disruption of biological clock, leading to accelerated aging;
  • The brain will not be able to rest, leading to insufficient blood and oxygen supply, accelerated death of brain cells, resulting in confusion, dull response, decreased memory, drowsiness, and reduced capabilities of creative thinking, which in turn leads to decreased efficiency in work and study.

To improve the quality of sleep, NMN can help regulate your biological clock, improve sleep quality, and improve insomnia caused by irregular habits, helping you to have a good rest!

We hope that everyone can have quality and sufficient sleep every day, to greet every day with positive emotions and healthy body!