What Are NMN Supplements?

Imagine reversing or slowing aging. How about 20-year-old energy when you are well into your 50s? What about reversing menopause? These wishes are closer. Scientists have studied a specific chemical and identified an anti-aging elixir. 

In 2018, Dr. Satchidananda Panda’s study on time-restricted eating found that when you eat affects longevity more than what you eat. Diet, exercise, calorie restriction, and intermittent fasting promote health and longevity. Now things become intriguing. Scientists have worked out much of the chemistry involved and are utilizing Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN) to replicate it. When coupled with diet and exercise, NMN fights aging better without adverse effects, say experts. 

If you’ve committed to anti-aging therapy, you presumably have a food plan, fitness routine, and supplements. Many anti-aging experts take NMN to acquire what they can’t naturally. 

How NMN Relates to Aging and Longevity 

A biology professor at M.I.T. and his team identified SIRT1 genes (Sirtuins) in yeast 20 years ago. Sirtuins govern aging in humans and yeast. They safeguard all creatures against degradation and illness, including humans. They govern cell death, turn on/off anti-aging genes, repair DNA, and regulate metabolism. SIRT1 is a lifespan pathway. More of these genes increased lifespans by 5 to 20%. Scientists mimicked genes using chemicals after this discovery. NMN and resveratrol were utilized. 

NMN supplements are a niacin-based compound. It’s found in fruits, milk, and vegetables. NMN is needed to make NAD+, a potent chemical found in every cell of the body. If your NAD+ levels drop to zero, you’ll die in 30 seconds. NAD+ activates Sirtuins, which is critical for lifespan and anti-aging. SIRT1 genes can’t protect our bodies from aging and illness without NAD+. 

Age reduces NAD+ levels. By 50, most of us have half the NAD+ we did at 20. This reduction in NAD+ hinders SIRT1’s capacity to protect the body and halt aging. 


Avocados, broccoli, cabbage, and tomatoes contain NMN. If NMN is in food, can I boost my NAD+ by eating more? We support a healthy diet. The problem: 

  • These foods contain NMN, but less than 1 mg per kilogram. 1mg of NMN requires 1kg of broccoli. 
  • Humans need hundreds of milligrams of NMN per dosage to raise NAD+. This is substantially higher than what we can receive from eating broccoli. 


For years, it was believed that NAD+ molecules were too big to ingest directly and required to be increased via NMN supplements.  NAD+ can reach the hypothalamus if given sublingually. It boosts NAD+ levels in this gland, which governs the body’s metabolism. It can also aid metabolic disease patients with low NAD+ in the hypothalamus. NMN increases NAD+ levels in cells throughout the body and slows aging. 

Can NMN Boost Your Immune System?

Clinical research show NMN supplements enhance NAD+. SIRT1 genes defend the body from sickness and aging when given NAD+. NAD+ regulates our immune systems, according to a new study. Studies demonstrate that NAD+ can stimulate an immune system response to COVID-19. Isfahan University of Medical Sciences released a review on March 23, 2020, that links low NAD+ levels to COVID-19 severity and morbidity. 

In COVID-19’s molecular disease route, practically all operations lead to NAD+ depletion. Large quantities of NAD used to repair DNA reduce ATP levels, impairing cell activity and integrity. NAD+ or B3 with L-tryptophan can replace NAD+ and serotonin and restore hemostasis. Macrophages (white blood cells that devour bacteria, fungi, parasites, and viruses) utilize an NAD+-synthesized route to ensure cell survival and manage inflammation. 

Studies show that NMN and higher NAD+ levels can assist our bodies in fighting against illnesses and germs. It can enhance our immune systems during infection and sickness. 

NMN Energizes Aged Cells 

Cells require fuel to function. As you age, your cells lose this capacity, causing cellular senescence or biological aging, which is harmful. NMN was assumed to contribute to cell energy exclusively through NAD+, a significant cell fuel. NMN may be administered directly into cells without conversion to NAD+, according to a study from the Washington University School of Medicine. 

Anti-Aging Benefits of NMN 

NMN supplement lead investigations to understand and reverse aging. Many of NMN’s advantages as a precursor to NAD+ are noted above. 

Two other ways NMN fights aging: 

NMN Slows Age-Related Weight Gain. 

The elderly acquire weight. A 2016 research demonstrated that NMN reduces fat mass and increases lean mass. NMN supplements helps you lose weight and develop muscle, improving muscle health and making you seem younger. 

NMN Increases Metabolism. 

By mediating NAD+ production, NMN converts nutrients into energy, powering cell processes and lowering oxidative stress. Biochemical methods slow or stop aging. NMN promotes energy and repairs your cells! 

Is It Safe?

In a recent Japanese human trial, scientists tested NMN’s safety. Ten men were given rNMN. NMN in doses 100, 250, and 500 mg. Single oral doses of NMN did not induce clinical symptoms or changes in indicators such as heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen levels, and body temperature. The experiment confirms that NMN is safe and well-tolerated.

How to Take NMN Supplements

Even if you are fasting, you should take NMN on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. If you mix the sublingual NMN with juice or water, the bioavailability will go down. Take it as directed, right under your tongue, for the best results. You can also raise your NAD+ levels by taking delayed-release NMN capsules with a Sirtuin Activator like Resveratrol and full-fat yogurt, which makes resveratrol more bioavailable.

Most users report feeling younger and healthier within 2 to 3 weeks. The full effects of NMN can be felt after a few months of use—but you’ll already feel the difference within a few weeks! 

Everyone wants healthier skin to appear younger, feel better, be smaller, smoother, fuller, brighter, and have fewer wrinkles. Essential nutrients help improve skin and a youthful appearance, according to research. The molecule NAD+, produced by NMN and NR+, repairs DNA, aids cellular metabolism, and offers anti-aging sirtuins. Other nutrients support cellular metabolism and skin health in different ways. Anti-aging begins within and radiates outside.  

So if you want to see the transforming effects of NMN yourself, you now have a unique chance to do so. Order your “fountain of youth” from N.M. Wellness today!

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