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Organic Nutritional Supplements

We see the word “organic” thrown around often in the media, and in some cases, the word seems to have lost meaning. Organic products are foods or other plants that have been grown in soil that has no synthetic chemicals in the last three years, before the crop was planted.

Why are organic foods, products and supplements so important? Simply put, organic products are guaranteed not to contain any toxic chemicals, such as fertilisers and pesticides. This means that if you are investing in supplements or foods that aim to detoxify your body, you can rest assured that you aren’t putting harmful chemicals into your system.

Let’s take a look at our best selling organic nutritional supplements that are 100% organic and sustainably sourced.

T.M Wellness Organic Supplements 

Here at T.M Wellness, we proudly stock organic supplements that can help your body to thrive with entirely natural ingredients! Let’s take a look at our most popular organic supplements, and some of the fantastic health benefits they offer. 

Organic Green Superfood Supplement

Our Organic Green Superfood Supplement comes in powder form, so you can easily incorporate it into smoothies or shakes on a daily basis.

Containing bioavailable nutrients and phytonutrients from natural sources including wheatgrass, spirulina and chlorella (algae), the organic green superfood powder is the ideal daily dose of organic ingredients that your body needs to thrive!

How do the organic green superfoods in this formula benefit your body? Let us count the ways!

1. Organic green superfoods aid brain function. 

People often think that your mental health is separate from your physical health, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Your cognitive functions are affected by the foods you consume, and with a daily dose of organic green superfoods from this supplement, your brain will feel sharper and more capable.

2. Your physical energy will improve.

Green superfoods are proven to improve your energy levels. High carbohydrate and high sugar diets often lead to sporadic bursts of energy followed by what’s called a “crash” – so to prevent this, consuming green superfoods is a great idea. These will even out your blood sugar levels, helping sustain your energy levels throughout the day and avoiding the crash!

3. Green superfoods boost your digestion.

The mixture of fibres and herbs in green superfoods aid your digestion in multiple ways. Your digestive system affects every single aspect of your health, including your energy, cognitive function, weight, skin, hair, and everything in between!

This supplement helps to boost your metabolism, aiding your body’s natural digestion process by providing it with the nutrients it needs to perform well. 

In addition, this supplement will help reduce your food cravings, helping you to curb weight gain by controlling your daily calorie intake. Reducing cravings means you won’t be constantly wanting to snack, but instead will feel fuller for longer with the regular meals you eat.

Organic Beetroot Supplement

Beetroot is classed as a superfood for many reasons, and all of them are included in our Organic Beetroot supplement from T.M Wellness!

Organic beetroots are extremely healthy, and for this reason, we proudly incorporate them in this supplement so that all our customers can get the best health benefits from beetroot, with no synthetic chemicals!

Let’s take a look at the health benefits of our Organic Beetroot supplement!

1. Beetroot improves circulation. 

The high nitrate content in organic beets makes them ideal for improvement of your circulation. Improved circulation gives you better energy, can reduce headaches, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and cellulite, and also reduces the chances of blood clots and other similar issues.

To improve your circulation you should combine daily movement such as walking, yoga or running, with our Organic Beetroot supplement!

2. The Organic Beetroot supplement improves your digestive health.

As we mentioned earlier, your digestive health affects every aspect of your mind and body. Beetroots are high in folic acid and iron, making them the perfect produce for improving your digestive health. 

Folic acid aids digestion by helping your body break down carbohydrates, thus easing the digestion process and boosting metabolism. Combined with high fibre that is also found in organic beets, your digestive health will be noticeably improved when you take this supplement.

3. Organic beets improve exercise performance!

If you are an exercise fanatic who is always searching for ways to improve your performance, the Organic Beetroot capsules are for you. The nitrates and iron in beetroot will enable you to perform better when exercising, giving you a boost of energy and helping to regulate your blood sugar levels. 

Why Shop Organic?

Now that you know just how many awesome benefits come from taking our organic supplement range, we want to clue you in on how shopping organic helps not just your body, but the world at large. 

Our organic supplements are not tested on animals and are entirely vegan, meaning that you aren’t affecting any living creatures when you buy these products. If you are searching for cruelty free supplements, you have absolutely come to the right place.

In addition, organic production of foods and other plants decreases the amount of chemical waste that is produced each year in the agriculture industry. By shopping organic with us at T.M Wellness, you are helping to cultivate a healthier planet by keeping farming soils free of nasty pesticides and fertilisers. This benefits the soil, the animals and plants that live in it, and of course, your internal organs too.

Shopping organic frees your body of these chemicals, so you know you aren’t going to be loading up your body with toxins when you take our supplements in capsule or powder form!

Final Thoughts

It can be difficult to make good choices when it comes to your body, which is why at T.M Wellness we make it easier for you. 

Our organic supplement range is perfect for people looking to improve their health, manage their weight, and make a positive contribution to the planet as well! Find our full range of amazing products by searching the website today!