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【How to choose NMN is the smartest?】

It turns out that there are fake NMN on the market? In fact, there are two types of NMN: α-NMN and β-NMN. Only β-NMN is active and can be absorbed by the body to convert it into NAD+, which can help delay aging. However, α-NMN is inactive and cannot be involved in biochemical reactions in the body, nor is it easily absorbed.

So how can we choose an effective NMN? Below are some tips:

  1. Effective ingredients

NMN 18000 contains β-nicotinamide mononucleotide with a purity and activity of more than 99%. In addition, resveratrol is added, and studies show that NMN and resveratrol have better effect when paired.

  1. Strength of the brand

Since NMN is a high-tech product, the extraction and manufacturing technology and formula are very important.

  1. Effective content of NMN

According to clinical measurements, the optimal daily intake of NMN is 250mg to 1200mg (depending on age and physique). If the NMN content of the product is too low, it cannot fully exert its effect, so when choosing an NMN product, the most important thing is the NMN content per capsule.

By paying attention to the above points, you will definitely not make a wrong choice!