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Innovative formula | NMN

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Unique formula combining powerful NMN, NR+, Resveratrol and Pterostilbene that helps increase NAD+ level, reverse the aging process and aid longevity. High quality NMN and NR used are potent precursors of NAD+, which aids bioavailability with their small molecule sizes. They are both extensively studied and are found to be a stable, reliable NAD+ Activator and could support anti-aging.


Scientific Proven : The strong functions of NMN

  1. Repair and regenerate cells
  2. Repair DNA damage
  3. Delay aging and physiological decline
  4. Prevent skin aging
  5. Improve memory
  6. Strengthen cardiovascular function
  7. Protect the optic nerve
  8. Maintain bone health
  9. Improve sleep quality


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