Hair Oil

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Hair oil is a complete blend of all the nourishing oils and essential oils needed for healthy hair. Packed with omega fatty acids, naturally occurring vitamin E, and linoleic acid, a form of omega 6, it’s a complete package when it comes to nourishing facial hair. Together with essential oils, it stimulates hair growth and some people experience a tingling effect after application.

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Hair Oil


Key Features:
• Nourishes the hair follicles
• Protects the hair and skin from dehydration
• Maintains hair quality


• Protects the hair and the skin underneath
• Hydrates and nourishes the follicles
• Protects from sun damage
• Prevents hair loss
• Has anti-aging effects


Drop a dime-sized amount of hair oil on your palm. Apply from skin to tip of the hair. Ensure you put the oil on your skin.


Hair Oil


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